Alle billeder er 100% ægte. Jeg har intet af skjule. Ingen snyd Ingen klinik Til dit velbefindende har jeg et dejligt privat sted med til soveværelser, stor opholdsstue med stor alt til rygere. Fri parkering og gud luksus service.Hello dear visitors of my profile. In connection with the epidemic of the Corona, let me present to your attention a few important arguments:FIRST: I live and work alone in a secluded place. I have nothing to do with the clinic. In this connection, in my case, significantly narrowed the number of attendance since the guests arrive only to me one . And since, as I said, that's where I live, where I work, I like no other interested to the infection has not penetrated into my home. SECOND: I meticulously and responsibly observe all precautions on the recommendation of WHO1) All sheets and towels after each guest and sent to the wash, in which, I'm adding special tool containing chlorine and alcohol. It helps to destroy any germs or any infection.2) Every day I take the protectors for the immune system, as well as special antibiotics every day find and destroy any, even the most imperceptible, the infection. 3) In my medicine chest I have plenty of medicines and an assortment of vitamins, medications, nutritional Supplements that fortify and protect my immune system. That is why my fortified body I will not let any virus to penetrate the protection that I have developed with the aim to preserve good health.4) Each guest of my place, I strongly recommend to take a good hot shower. After that, I treat my hands and my guest hands with a special alcohol-based disinfecting agent. Thoroughly rinse antiseptic of my mouth and the same also, please make my guest.5) After, a guest left my place, towels, sheets I send in the Laundry, sex toys disinfect. Then I take hot shower. Then I wash everywhere the floors with chlorine and wiped the surface of all also with a chlorine. Then for sure I open the Windows for a thorough and ventilation 6) After, I go again to the bathroom, now to take a cold shower. Because it's a very good way to strengthen the immune system.THIRD: there is nobody secret that all the girls from escort sites carefully monitor them self health. And to whom as not to us its so much important to have sturdy protection. Are you agree?FOURTH: any guest that I will notice the slightest symptoms colds, whatever earnings he did not promise me, I ask immediately to leave my house. Money, of course, is an important component of ours life, but health is most important! And where I work, and even more so I live, health is not for sale !!! Unfortunately, I cannot promise you protection from the Corona outside my apartment, but I can guarantee that you are not afraid of a virus during your visit inside my house! Therefore, I look forward to meeting you. Feel free to come to visit me and I will make all necessary acts that our pastime is as safe as possible and, of course, unforgettably pleasant. Dear gentlemen, I spent more than 4 days studying the symptoms of the Corona virus and immediately recognize the slightest signs. Therefore, if this misfortune happened to you, I sincerely wish you a speedy recovery. But I beg you, do not come to visit me. Because I will immediately ask you to leave. Believe me, I am sincerely sorry that such a fate befell you, but this is not a reason to endanger others. Be prudent and do not exacerbate the situation. Better spend this time on effective treatment.This is all I want to say, please be healthy and take a good care about your self)What about others? Looking forward to spend a good time together;) Derudover kan jeg tilbyde et bonussystem, rabatter og andre fordele til begge stamkunder og nye kunder.Jeg er blød og passioneret killing.En sød og legesyg killing med en flot krop og følsomme hænder, som venter på besøg af en dejlig mand. Jeg vil opfylde alle dine drømme. Forfører dig, og bringe dig til paradis for en stund.Jeg tilbyder mange ydelser, og vil opfylde dine liderlige ønsker. Du vil forlade mig tilfreds og i en følelse af ekstase.Jeg bryder mig ikke om begrebet “ekstra ydelser”. Så derfor tilbyder jeg mine gæster en “ cocktail services” som allerede indeholder mange af mine ydelser. Jeg bor sammen med i en privat luksus lejlighed på Frederiksberg. Jeg tilbyderen hyggelig atmosfære og 100 % diskretion.EXTRA SERVICESa)SuperFrans blowjobb)Licking balls (shaved only)c) Deepthroat blowjobd) King Style blowjobf) Position 69g) Tongue Kissingh) Cunnilingusi) Strip Dancej) A Special Electronic Devicek) Toys And Device for prostate massagel) Role-playing Games And So Onm) Strapon Or Soft Domination Or Bothn) White party and so on... SERVICES WHICH IS NOT INCLUDED IN COCKTAIL PRICE:o) SuperMegaFrance 500p) Face Fuck 500

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